The Power Of Human Senses in Social Media Marketing

social media

All of us today are exposed to wide variety of brands, logos, advertisements, social media updates, reviews on multiple channels  (unless we are trapped somewhere remote, with no means of communication)

The power of human senses and their efficient use can boost in maximizing its target audiences and increasing demand for the products. With the six senses there still is no communication, but you need them to be able to “connect”.

1. SIGHT: Always Monitor, Track and Read your customers

Increasing usage of online medium by customers for purchase makes it difficult to marketers to see them, meet them and understand their needs and wants.

 In Social Media Marketing, A marketers SIGHT become Monitoring and tracking tools to see the potential customer and where he/she is in the buying cycle.


The concept of Broadcasting has changed completely. Today people even broadcast themselves through the means of social channels. Some will be loud trying to reach a large target audience and some will whisper in a one-on –one conversation.

In Social Media Marketing, when conversation happens you should listen to it, even if it’s not with you but about you. Listen and learn how your business is perceived. Listen before you start talking. And when you start talking, listen carefully to the answers.

3.      TASTE and SMELL: What in it for your business and your customers

When interacting with people, (potential) customers, via social media and other marketing channels, you are getting closer and start connecting. You need your eyes and ears here too. But you also need your other senses, taste and smell, to detect the value of those conversations and interactions.

In Social Media Marketing, Do they taste sweet or bitter? Do you connect or not? Do you smell an opportunity? Is there value for your business and your prospects and customers or are the interactions leading nowhere?

4.     Touch: Engage your customers

If the conversations and interactions you have with people taste, smell and feel good, it’s time to add an extra layer. Good connections become relationships and ultimately new business or, in the case of existing customers, result in increased loyalty. To achieve this you need to touch people. You have to put them in the spotlight, engage them and touch them in their hearts and souls by continuing to listen, respond and offer value.

In Social Media Marketing, Touch and engage your relations and customers, and you will have a community, a fan base, people who like to share because you do.

5. The Sixth Sense: Perception and Trust

All of us either have healthy or unhealthy experiences with the brand we use and that is how we look at the world and people around us. Sure, it is important to measure what you do as a marketer, and it is important to take care of your brand. And, yes, it is difficult to give more control to people and let go a bit of your brand.

In Social Media Marketing, You need to have a strong strategy but most of all the will to communicate, share and build relationships with your customers and the whole ecosystem of your business.


Marketers should use The Power of SENSES in an integrated way to position their products in the minds of the customers. Once he gets a share of the customers mind it opens the door for a share of his heart and finally he wins a share of his customer’s pocket. This will help them strengthen their network with potential and existing customers.


Jessica Menezes

Asst. Professor

MMS (Marketing)