Director’s Message

We live in a highly dynamic world and experience rapid change in all areas of the economy due to technical developments and new inventions. As a result, the key to an organization’s survival depends on its ability to understand and absorb the changes in technological and business trends, the challenges they face, and the new opportunities they bring to the current generation.

To cope with the new challenges, it is necessary to recognize the role of knowledge and its empowerment and also to manage the competitive business scenario. Knowledge is a powerful weapon for the effective management of any growth-oriented organization, and thus such an organization is forced to build a strong human resource endowed with effective knowledge management.

We at Maratha Mandir’s Babasaheb Gawde Institute of Management Studies (BGIMS) meet the business needs of providing training to young and talented students of management, and offering them new concepts, skills and abilities to meet the changing economic environment, allowing our trained management students can choose to be future leaders of companies and potential CEOs. This has been made possible by the ability to acquire skills through our quality education, through industry-institute interaction, through guest lectures, industry visits, training and project work in various organizations during the summer holidays and value added programs such as seminars, conferences, workshops, research and field studies, case studies, Role-playing, management games, and group discussions.

The continuous improvement of teaching methods and regular feedback from students about faculty members and vice versa has also contributed to our academic excellence. For more than 18 years, we have been steadily encouraging our students to attend various inter-institutional competitions and various events, each year leading them to different prizes. In short, we fulfil our responsibility through good teaching and efficient administration of the institute. We make every effort to ensure that our students perform better when they join an organization. The knowledge they gained would enable them to skilfully do unusual things and build self-confidence to meet challenges in their Life.

We are sure, our association will continue to be long, exciting and fruitful for the student community. We look forward to seeing you on our campus to exchange thoughts and views on the current business scenario, through quality Management Education.


Prof. (Dr.) Rajendra R. Patil

Director, MMBGIMS

Salient Features of MM BGIMS

★ Leadership Development Workshops ★ Foreign Language ★ Live Projects ★ Value added certifications ★ Placements ★ Periodic Industrial Visits ★ Business Academic Conclaves ★ Renowned faculties ★ Mentor-Mentee program

Scholarship Facility

Special Scholarship for meritorious students of MMS and PGDM courses.

Skilled Lecturers

Experienced and Committed Faculty. Effective Teaching.


Students placed in top companies. Pre-Placement Training.